What does a popular recipe app, a premier brick and mortar store, and top-of-the-line kitchen appliance company have in common? One very smart kitchen.

One of the things that gets us most excited about emerging smart kitchen technology is watching innovators come together—product manufacturers, individuals, magazines, chefs, websites—all for the shared purpose of remaking the kitchen into the real hub of our lives.

We are getting very good at finding ways to be creative together.

Take for example, Innit, which partners with household names like Jenn-Air and Epicurious to use technology in the home to reduce food waste and empower people to eat better. By having your appliances keep track of what food you have in the house (and how long it’s been there), your smart kitchen can suggest recipes and cooking techniques perfectly paired for you. Goodbye about-to-turn mushrooms. Hello beef stroganoff.


But if Shark Tank has taught us anything, it’s that great ideas can come from anyone, not just from popular, large companies. GE’s First Build innovation space is harnessing the power of crowdsourcing and great ideas for creating new appliances.

Using their “microfactory”, innovators from all walks of life can pitch their product ideas that could eventually become GE’s newest connected kitchen appliance. Like this cold brew coffee maker that Sharon Franke from Good Housekeeping featured. Now you don’t have to wait overnight for some tasty cold brew; it’ll be ready in ten minutes.

Alliances like First Build and Innit prove that the smart kitchen is not only cool, but it can also be accessible and valuable for everyone.
Are you pumped about where companies are going with connected products? So are we. Check out the Smart Kitchen Summit coming up this October in Seattle. Michael Wolf, who also happens to have a great Smart Kitchen podcast, created it just for people like us. It’s where all the cool people will be.

[Photo credit: CNET]