Pop Quiz:

Your connected device has malfunctioned. What do you do?

  1. Yell a bunch of curse words too inappropriate for a business blog.
  2. Call the device’s customer service number and waste half a day.
  3. Stick it in a box and return it—crusty, burnt BBQ sauce and all.
  4. All of the above.

So none of these answers are actually very helpful. That’s because your device’s connection has a fundamental flaw. Most connected devices today run on cloud-based services. These make it easy for the user to interact with their devices remotely (which is what makes IoT so awesome!).

The downside to solely cloud-based solutions, however, is that when something goes haywire with the device’s connection, the user loses control, and you get curse words and burnt BBQ sauce. Many devices are set to shut off completely if they lose connection, and the user is left not knowing how long they’ve been disconnected and why. You get this screenshot on your phone and nothin’ else:


But in all sincerity, the repercussions of a malfunctioning connected device can be more serious than a ruined dinner. Take for example, the thermostat that loses connection to the cloud. This could cause pipes to burst and real health risks to the consumer (take a look at The New York Times’ Nick Bilton’s real-world experience).

The solution! You guessed it. The DADO platform runs on a hybrid model of connection so your device can run autonomously even if it loses connection to the cloud. And even better, we’ve programmed a significant set of error handling algorithms so that your device can figure out the problem on its own.

So let’s revisit the quiz above. Maybe the secret answer should be: f) Nothing. Grab a beer and let your device figure itself out.

Photo credit: Bonnie Cha