tomPart 1 of a 2 part series from DADO Labs CEO, Tom Worley.

A customer picks up a box off the shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s about the last time a company hears from that person (unless the customer has a service or warranty issue). At best, customers will connect with brands by registering their products using those mail-in postcards that are included in the box. Today, that’s the only point of contact between customers and brands. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing this paradigm in significant ways.

Traditionally, companies didn’t have a reliable way of knowing how customers are technically using their product—what buttons they’re pushing, what conditions the product is being used in, or just about anything else. So how do brands engage with customers so that a) brands learn more about the end users and how they use their products so they can make better business decisions, and b) end users get a customized product experience with the confidence of state-of-the-art safety and security?

That’s what we’re solving here at DADO Labs. We’ve essentially developed an “IoT-in-a-box” solution for brands. It has all the components to take a new or existing product, create an Internet connection, and connect to our SaaS platform, where brands receive all kinds of information, all with low-level exposure for the end user. With DADO, brands are able to look at analytics, usage data, and business intelligence data, and transform those into product strategy and sales and marketing decisions. It creates a way for brands to connect with their customers in a way they haven’t done until now.

The issue with the approach most IoT solutions take with connected products is that they aren’t thinking about what the end user already loves about the brands they use. At DADO, we understand that brand experience is everything—to both the brand and the customer.

Let’s start with mobile. We believe that consumers already love the brands they buy. So why force a new, unknown IoT name onto consumers with an unfamiliar, impersonal app? (Hint: this is what most solutions are doing.) With each company that we partner with, we create a highly configured, customized and branded experience that actually resonates with their customer. It’s nothing particularly new for the customer. Rather, it’s an extension and expansion of the brand they already love and trust.


What’s even better about the DADO approach is that brands own their data. With DADO, brands have their own “walled garden” of data inside of the system. Unlike other solutions, we do not take our customers’ data, package it, and sell it on the open market (i.e. a brand’s competitors). We work with the brands to use the data within their business scope, but it always stays within their walls. That way, brands stay in control and customers aren’t surprised by irrelevant marketing.

Creating a connected product shouldn’t be about building a glorified remote control. We’re talking about launching a true engagement, a true relationship between the customer and the brand. Next time, I’ll share more about what’s inside the DADO solution, and how we build a secure and reliable product from Day 1.

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Photo credit (app/smoker): Char-Broil