With the wave of newly connected devices, the industry is already seeing a huge increase in the need for support services. And you’ll win big if you do it right (we heart this scenario of some excellent IoT support!). A top-notch support program will decrease your time spent on issues that arise, reduce overall support costs, and automate support processes. This doesn’t mean it’ll take over human-to-human interaction—it enhances it. Lee Gruenfield at Support.com has a great explanation of how costs for support services can […]

Three Must-Haves For a Secure IoT Platform

There’s a reason today’s consumers are falling in love with connected devices. They’re smart, giving you ways to save time and live better. They make everyday tasks, like preparing dinner and exercising, way more fun. And you can’t deny it—they’re just plain cool. But recently, at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, the Federal Trade Commission warned that the Internet of Things could pose threats to our security. Chairwoman Edith Ramirez made such predications as “smart-home hacking” and the illicit collection of private information. “Any […]