There are some crazy cool applications for the Internet of Things that are popping up: the Internet of John Deere. The Internet of Elephants. But the Internet of Retail is way ahead of the game in their IoT investment. According to eMarketer, IoT is going to “drastically change the way companies do business” in the next three years. So what does “drastic” look like? 1. For starters, here’s a fitting room with the new, interactive Oak Mirror: Video credit : ReadWrite 2. Then there’s the […]

Part 1 of a 2 part series from DADO Labs CEO, Tom Worley. A customer picks up a box off the shelf at Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s about the last time a company hears from that person (unless the customer has a service or warranty issue). At best, customers will connect with brands by registering their products using those mail-in postcards that are included in the box. Today, that’s the only point of contact between customers and brands. The Internet of Things (IoT) is […]

While connecting toasters, dog collars, and grills to the Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot to do with hardware, much of the IoT  is built around services. This means that brands get to level up their relationships with customers. Here are a few benefits of IoT that allow companies to make happy customers even happier with connected products: Remote access: with the ability to check the status of connected products, companies are able to fix issues without service calls or even returning the product […]

People are buzzing about the Internet of Things, and it’s hard to tell who’s bringing value to the conversation. It’s ok. We’ll tell you: Vala Afshar recently tweeted a helpful chart of recent Forrester research on IoT, and his oldie but goodie intro to IoT is still relevant. Michael Wolf is an industry analyst and creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit. And he knows a lot of people. Brad Russell at Parks Associates is monitoring IoT privacy and security like a boss. Chuck Martin regularly […]

It seems like everyone’s telling you what you should do to build your smart device, huh? Well, we are tired of that. Here are some things you SHOULDN’T do, besides the obvious—like build a smart jar for your whole-wheat flour. Oh wait. Somebody did. 1. Don’t just get new hardware. Sensors are great. As are meters, displays, and memory. But in order to make a connected device, you’ll need to think beyond those. Think of this mighty trio: hardware, software, and service. Instead of just […]

You’ve seen the numbers. There are billions of connected products coming to market in the next few years—devices for living rooms, bathrooms, and baby rooms. Are you feeling left behind in the IoT dust? It’s not too late to head out on the trail to IoT success. Developing a connected product is possible for pretty much any brand these days. It’s just a matter of getting the right people in your company on board to start the process. CIO writer Peter Bendor-Samuel wisely points out […]

We’ve talked before about the fact that building a connected device also brings an onslaught of data. Data on who your customers are, how they interact with your device, and when certain functions are being used. Pretty cool, right? But as you know, with great power comes great responsibility. Let’s back up for a sec: data gets transmitted from your connected device to…where? Where does it go? has a great answer and explanation of what standard protocols are being used for data transmission. Once […]

Stay S.A.F.E. with IoT security

Did you get a techy gift for the holidays? You’re not alone. According to Consumer Electronics Association’s Shawn DuBravac, 65% of Americans said they were going to buy a consumer electronics gift this year. Given that most of them are connected devices, that’s a lot of IoT. And with Santa’s sack full of smart gadgets and appliances comes a sleigh full of security concerns. But don’t worry, we’ve got a way to remember how to build a secure connected device—play it S.A.F.E. START (at the […]

This has been an exciting week at DADO Labs! Many of our team members got to have fresh smoked turkey from their Char-Broil Simple Smokers; we were invited to present at the IoT Evolution Conference in Fort Lauderdale; and OUR FIRST DADO PRODUCTS HIT THE MARKET! Just in time for Thanksgiving, Char-Broil launched its SmartChef™ line of connected products—powered by DADO Labs. Char-Broil launched its Simple Smoker ($299) and Digital Electric Smoker ($399) with the Char-Broil app and SmartChef technology—lovingly known around here as the DADO Platform. The best part […]

What To Ask On the First Date (with potential IoT partners)

It’s official: your brand is ready to jump into the IoT (Internet of Things). You’ve run the numbers, you’ve set a clear business goal for your IoT solution, and now you’ve started researching who will effectively partner with you to meet these goals. Like all new business partners, you need to shop around. See who the players are and decide who will be the right fit for you. But how will you know who the right fit is when you hardly speak the IoT language? […]