Smarter Cookouts With IoT-Enabled Grills

Cookouts have been a hallmark of summer for ages. There couldn’t be a more perfect combination of food, drink, and friends. But if you’re hosting, you know all too well the feeling of being stuck behind the grill while your guests live it up. It’s time to join the party. Barbeques may be timeless, but the technology behind them is not. Over the last few years, manufacturers have been trying to automate the work behind outdoor cooking so the host can spend more time with […]

A Tale of Two Barbecues Infographic — How the Internet of Things Is Making Outdoor Grilling Smarter

Here’s why the next barbecue you go to might feel like something out of The Jetsons. Connected grills let the party host walk away and entertain guests. A smartphone alert tells the host when the food is just right. Want the recipe? No problem. Your gracious host can share it with a few taps. Check out this infographic to compare what you get with old-school grilling to how it’s done with new and improved technology. It’s all powered by DADO Labs and your favorite outdoor […]

DADO Partners With Char-Broil For Better Outdoor Cooking in 2015

We think everyone should be able to experience the Internet of Things. Now, DADO and Char-Broil is helping make that happen. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Char-Broil, the leading manufacturer of gas grills and smokers in the United States, who will introduce a series of smart products within its Char-Broil and SABER lines in 2015. Our DADO Platform will enable outdoor cooking enthusiasts to easily control connected appliances with our free mobile app that monitors multiple functions during the cooking process via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. […]