DADO_SummerCookoutsCookouts have been a hallmark of summer for ages. There couldn’t be a more perfect combination of food, drink, and friends. But if you’re hosting, you know all too well the feeling of being stuck behind the grill while your guests live it up. It’s time to join the party.

Barbeques may be timeless, but the technology behind them is not. Over the last few years, manufacturers have been trying to automate the work behind outdoor cooking so the host can spend more time with his or her guests. Plenty of high-tech grilling gadgets have hit the market as a result. Smart thermometers use a probe to measure the temperature of meats as they cook and send notifications to your smartphone when they’re ready. Other devices check your fuel level (if you’re using a propane grill). And because there’s an app for everything, you can easily find one that hooks you up with recipes and makes it easier to create shopping lists.

But the first generation of smart grilling innovations was missing one thing—a seamless experience. In other words, you had to set up one app to get cooking alerts, another app to check fuel levels, another for finding recipes … and so on.

The next generation of connected devices is bringing all these functions together. This year, expect to see grills that have all of the above capabilities built into the device, with one app to control everything. That’s the mission at the heart of the DADO platform, which makes it easy for manufacturers to build smart connections into products and for users to control them through a single smartphone app.

SABER and its parent company, Char-Broil, are already launching products that use the DADO platform. SABER introduced its EDGE grill earlier this year. The grill itself is super sleek and efficient, with an infrared cooking system that uses 30% less gas, pre-heats quickly, and keeps heat even across the entire grill surface. An LCD panel on the front shows the temperature, fuel tank levels, battery life, and more.

But where the EDGE really shines is in its connected features. Using one app, you can:

  • See real-time cooking information, such as the temperature, burner on/off status, and level of fuel in the tank
  • Get alerts when the grill is pre-heated, when the temperature changes, and when the grill is cool enough to safely clean
  • Access recipes and watch instructional videos
  • Store your own recipes and share them through social media

Later this year, Char-Broil will introduce a version of its Big Easy Smoker & Roaster that uses the same platform. Customers will be able to adjust the temperature of the cooking chamber, prolong the cooking cycle, and even shut off the device from the app. It could turn smoking from a day-long activity to one that takes just a few minutes at a time.

To learn more about what DADO is doing to put more party into your next cookout—and better experiences into other home appliances—check out the latest products being powered by our platform.