In this blog series, we will highlight some of the products we’ve developed, partly to show off what we can do, and partly to inspire new ideas for future products. IoT has endless applications, and there are some brands that are adopting it now, and doing it well.


We’ve already humble-bragged about how awesome the new, award-winning Behmor® Connected Temperature Control Coffee Maker is and how it’s making the coffee world a little bit hotter. So now we’re sharing a bit more about what we did to bring it to life. To say the least, it’s much more than a coffee maker with a remote:

What it is

A home coffee brewer that connects to your phone through Wi-Fi, enabling you to conveniently, precisely, and reliably brew your coffee, which will taste like a handcrafted pour over cup.

Why it’s so cool

  • Choose preset profiles based on the kind of beans you’re using (packaged/fresh, light/medium/dark, etc.), and the machine will automatically calculate how best to brew your coffee.
  • Create your own customized configuration for exact water temperature (between 197 and 205 degrees) and presoak time (allowing the right amount of bloom time for the beans) based on your unique preferences.


  • Monitor the progress of your brew on the app and receive notifications on your phone when the coffee’s done.



What we did (a short list)

  • Developed app with easy steps to calibrate your machine (including setting your altitude for water temperature accuracy!). Check out this review showing all the features in the app and brewer:
  • Integrated the DADO IoT solution so that customers could change the water temperature by one degree intervals and the bloom time by 15 second intervals with the touch of a finger.
  • Provided instructions on firmware requirements within the brewer so that customers will get access to future updates and features on the product.

Behmor has already set the standard for best in class home brewing with the first home brewer certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Now with DADO, they’re enabling home brewers to gain perfect control over their coffee, every time.

Photo credit (1st image): CNET