The modern kitchen is sleek, streamlined, and oh-so central to our lives. It’s the center of gravity at a party and the hub of everyday life. So it’s no wonder that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to hit the kitchen in a big way. In fact, the “smart kitchen” may result in a $10 billion industry by 2020, according to a report from NextMarket Insights.

One Forbes columnist has gone on the record saying the smart kitchen may be the biggest opportunity in all of IoT. After all, connected appliances deliver on comfort and convenience—a natural fit for the kitchen. And with smartphones having already made their way onto the household culinary scene—24% of people who cook use a tablet or smartphone regularly for assistance—more advanced technology is the next logical step.

Here are some smart kitchen appliances we’re already seeing on the market … and a few coming soon:

#1: Refrigerators. It’s the control center of your kitchen. Samsung and LG are among the manufacturers who have already introduced Wi-Fi connected fridges. Earlier this year, GE launched its smart fridge as part of its full suite of smart appliances. It can, among other things, tell you when it’s time to replace your filter or if the door has been left open. But we can’t help but look forward to the next generation of cool technology. Analysts think the fridge of the future will keep track of what’s in it and let you know when something’s gone bad. We can dream, at least.

#2: Coffee makers. Now here’s a better way to wake up. Behmor has announced that two smart appliances will be available later this year. Its connected brewer lets you control temperatures to within one degree of accuracy. A new roaster makes it easy to customize and save roasting profiles. Both are powered by the DADO platform, so users can control them using their smartphones.

#3: Ovens. Need to get dinner started? You don’t even have to walk into the kitchen. GE’s line of smart appliances includes wall ovens and ranges that are Wi-Fi-enabled and let you set timers, check cooking status, and preheat from anywhere.

#4: Dishwashers. Could clean-up get any easier? Whirlpool’s smart dishwasher links up with your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can turn it on from your smartphone. The app also lets you see when the dishwasher is running, how much power it’s using, and how much it’s costing you.

#5: Slow cookers. The appliance that has been a lifesaver for generations of working parents gets even better. Crock-Pot’s connected slow cooker gives you remote access to all functions. Stuck at the office? No worries. Just adjust the temperature or cooking time from your smartphone. Or turn it off altogether. Dinner’s been saved in a whole new way.

We hope to see smart connections making their way into more kitchen appliances. In fact, it’s what we do at DADO. We build the platform that makes it easy to integrate IoT technology into existing products (and all kinds of other devices). Take a minute to learn more about what we’re doing and catch up on our latest products.