Support key on computer keyboard. Very selective focus on part of the key.

With the wave of newly connected devices, the industry is already seeing a huge increase in the need for support services. And you’ll win big if you do it right (we heart this scenario of some excellent IoT support!). A top-notch support program will decrease your time spent on issues that arise, reduce overall support costs, and automate support processes.

This doesn’t mean it’ll take over human-to-human interaction—it enhances it. Lee Gruenfield at has a great explanation of how costs for support services can spiral out of control, and how you can avoid it by mixing up a nice combo of humans and smart tech. In order for you to invest wisely in providing support for your smart products, you’ll want to keep in mind these two buzz words: compatibility and security.


Consumers not only expect connected devices to show real-time data, they demand real-time support. That means no matter what is happening with the rest of their home network bandwidth, you’ll need to see what’s going on inside the device to provide help.

Your software needs to run efficiently and work seamlessly with other devices using either open APIs or other platforms that don’t rely on proprietary software. Consumers don’t want to keep track of which platform goes with which device. They just want you to help them now.


With automated and connected support services comes security concerns. In fact, according to Parks Associates, 70% of smart device users worry about it. The benefits of connected support services leave the potential for third-party users to gather information about consumers and even gain control of devices. So using a platform that can evolve with the industry’s latest and greatest security standards (like DADO!) is paramount.

Think about it: it’s often when you need help that your opinion of a brand gets solidified. Having smart, secure support will ensure that your device upholds your brand value.

If you want to learn more about what other companies are doing to manage the load and develop creative solutions for IoT support services, check out this whitepaper. Having quality support is going to be the overriding trend in IoT, especially when consumers will be expecting real-time solutions. You’ll need to act fast and smart. Your brand depends on it.