It’s official: your brand is ready to jump into the IoT (Internet of Things). You’ve run the numbers, you’ve set a clear business goal for your IoT solution, and now you’ve started researching who will effectively partner with you to meet these goals. Like all new business partners, you need to shop around. See who the players are and decide who will be the right fit for you. But how will you know who the right fit is when you hardly speak the IoT language? Finding an IoT partner can be confusing and challenging. So we’ve got a cheat sheet of questions for you to start the conversation:

How will you strategize with me to deliver a smart, operational IoT product?

The right partner will have done their research on who you are as a brand and will be just as passionate about its integrity as you are. They won’t try to overrun your business by suggesting a complete overhaul of your products—they will suggest a tiered approach, providing opportunities for small successes first and build on them in the future.

How will partnering with you increase my profit?

First of all, we suggest watching this quick explanation for why an IoT partner makes sense. A partner that understands your business goals as well as the ins and outs of the IoT world will provide faster time-to-market and security you can always trust.

How will you support me throughout the process?

An IoT partner should provide more than the right plug-in and then wave you goodbye. Creating an IoT product inherently produces an overwhelming amount of data that a traditional enterprise isn’t used to. An IoT partner should be able to provide solutions for not only managing this data but also leveraging it to grow your profits even more, all the while keeping your data safe.

What kinds of IoT products are you already working on?

You’ll want to look for a partner that provides scalable, agile services to accommodate different use cases and existing technology experience within your enterprise. Meaning, they should be familiar with your industry and know how to maximize the benefits of a smart IoT platform for your specific needs. Having an experienced partner with a finger on the pulse of the IoT landscape will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Looking for more unbiased advice? Gartner has a great report on how to dip your toes into finding the right IoT business solution for you. You can also give us a call with any questions—including the ones above!