Get ready to know your customers like never before. The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to change the way you collect information about the people using your products. It’s also going to fundamentally change customer service, revealing more ways to connect and engage.

Global CRM provider says that today, customers expect they can talk to companies anytime, anywhere. But IoT will take that a step further. It could mean that customers never have to reach out for service at all.

Here are three things brands can do with connected technologies to both drive revenue and engage with customers in more meaningful ways:

  1. Offer deals. Once you know how customers are using your product, you can offer promotions and coupons for things they might be interested in. For example, you might send a coupon for a high-end grilling tool set to any customer who uses his or her outdoor grill more than a dozen times during the summer season.
  1. Promote events. Having a sale? Hosting a booth at the local Saturday market? Use data about your customers’ location to share the news to everyone living nearby, and you’ll get a better turnout.
  1. Provide customer service. If your products require occasional maintenance, be proactive. The data you collect can help you know which customers are due for service. Send them a friendly reminder and they’ll keep your brand top-of-mind. Connected devices can also alert users to impending issues before they happen.

The DADO platform makes collecting and using data easy for OEMs. Manufacturers simply draft terms of service and ask customers to opt in to sharing data about their use. DADO then collects the data and makes it available to OEMs. All customer data is stored securely in the cloud.

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