People are buzzing about the Internet of Things, and it’s hard to tell who’s bringing value to the conversation. It’s ok. We’ll tell you:

  1. Vala Afshar recently tweeted a helpful chart of recent Forrester research on IoT, and his oldie but goodie intro to IoT is still relevant.
  2. Michael Wolf is an industry analyst and creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit. And he knows a lot of people.
  3. Brad Russell at Parks Associates is monitoring IoT privacy and security like a boss.
  4. Chuck Martin regularly takes the stage to address IoT news.
  5. Stacey Higginbotham is a seasoned tech journalist with a really great podcast.
  6. Justin Grammens is an actual IoT professor and publishes IoT Weekly News.
  7. Ken Briodagh is not afraid to wear a kilt. He’s also not afraid to speak his opinion on IoT Evolution.
  8. Anita Bunk works at a little company called Bosch and provides great perspective on IoT on a global scale.
  9. Jess Groopman at Harbor Research is closely watching how our culture shifts with IoT. Pretty interesting.
  10. Dana Blouin is…a student? But also an IoT genius.
  11. We can’t have this list without Peggy Smedley, editor at Connected World Magazine. She even hosts her own radio show!
  12. Bill McCabe recruits IoT experts because he understands this stuff really well.
  13. Daniel Burrus is kind of an IoT super star. He’s got great insight into where we are headed and how to stand out in the crowd.
  14. Food Tech Connect isn’t really a person, but if it were, it would be the coolest IoT foodie ever.
  15. Rob Tiffany’s list of awards and speaking engagements on IoT is crazy long.
  16. Don’t have time to read a bunch of different sites for IoT updates? Check out Rick Sturm’s IoT Daily for a curated newsletter.
  17. Mashable’s Pete Pachal is fun. Just like us. And likes steak. Just like us.
  18. Chris Curran knows how to speak to the C-suite, showing how best a business can adopt emerging technologies.
  19. Kevin Ashton actually coined the term “internet of things” and has a short video to describe it.
  20. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino has a hand in many IoT projects and has been in the industry before it was cool.
  21. Glen Gilmore is a social media giant—with good reason. He’s following IoT and especially how it’s affecting security.
  22. Eamon Aston Kunze is Editor-in-Chief of WT Vox, where he’s leading the way to turning us all into robots. But in a cool way.
  23. Ronald van Loon is a big data nerd, which is kind of a big deal in IoT.
  24. Carrie MacGillivray is a VP at IDC, where she churns out some serious industry analysis.
  25. Ian Moyse is a sales dude, and he must be good at it because he’s been named one of the top 100 influencers in IoT, particularly in the cloud space.
  26. Noah Lorang at Basecamp calls himself a “data monkey”, but we think his practical data science advice is brilliant.
  27. Theo Priestley, used to work at Forbes and likes Star Wars. Enough said.
  28. Computer Business Review’s João Marques Lima is quickly becoming a name to follow for IoT news.
  29. Are we allowed to say us? Ok, good.

We’ve included almost all of these folks in a Twitter list. Feel free to subscribe to see what they’re talking about. Did we miss someone? Let us know!