While connecting toasters, dog collars, and grills to the Internet of Things (IoT) has a lot to do with hardware, much of the IoT  is built around services. This means that brands get to level up their relationships with customers. Here are a few benefits of IoT that allow companies to make happy customers even happier with connected products:

  • Remote access: with the ability to check the status of connected products, companies are able to fix issues without service calls or even returning the product to the store. Using updates and remote fixes, companies are empowered to help customers with less hassle for everyone.
  • Automated services: if a connected product can self-monitor when it has an issue, it can also self-correct through diagnostics, alerts, and programed responses. A “smart” product should be smart enough to take care of small corrections. These small issues will hardly bother customers (if at all).
  • Predictive resolutions: with really smart analytics, products can fix any issues even before they happen. In order for a product to do this, it will need to sift through all of its data and recognize slight changes in normal activity. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your product messaged you with this? “FYI, we fixed an issue that may have affected your device. You’re good to go!”
  • Refined marketing: once a connected product gets to know how it’s being used, it can also provide customized, useful offers and sales to the customer. This report by Jess Groopman calls this kind of advertising “intelligent, subtle […] not disruptive.” Customers can enjoy new discoveries while companies discover new business avenues.
  • Better customer service: if a customer ends up having to call that 1-800 number, chances are that they’ll get better service than before. The customer service rep will already see what the issue is, be armed with specific fixes for the issue, and may even already be in the process of fixing it. The customer on the other line will be delighted.
  • Less costs for customer service: this is actually a bonus that comes with all the other above benefits. Companies will spend less on customer service on connected products when all of the above are set in place.

Creating a connected product is certainly more than building a gimmicky gadget. It’s about enriching and strengthening the relationship between customers and the brands they trust, and easing the lives of everyone. DADO Labs’ mission is to bring the best hardware, software, and IoT services to the brands who rely on us to connect them to their customers. How can DADO Labs help your brand?