We talked with Gary Foubister, our Lead Software Developer, about the secrets behind the DADO platform and his outlook on the industry. Fair warning: he’s a man of few words. But just like a well-written haiku, his words hold great meaning.

What are three words you would use to describe DADO?
Inventive. Enthusiastic. Champion.

Champions of what? Go-carts? Eating deviled eggs? Guerilla knitting?
Of the World!

Not yet. But soon? Describe an IoT challenge you’ve faced and how you overcame it.
One of the biggest challenges in IoT is avoiding a complex and confusing user experience. We make sure our designs focus on simplicity and allow users to quickly interact with our products.

Simple, yes. Yet robust! And secure! How do you build all that into the backend and keep things straightforward for the user?
That’s our Secret Sauce.


garyturkeyHow has the IoT industry changed since you started working in it?
Consumer wearables are now all the rage.

Right! I’m writing this on my watch right now. What will be the biggest challenge with getting wearables more mainstream?

If you could invent something right now, what would it be?
A Time Machine!

What features would you have in your time machine?
It will be bigger on the inside.

What makes DADO different from other IoT platforms?
We own the entire experience. We work with our brand partners through every step. Education, supply chain, component manufacturing, web, software, and SaaS. All of it. We also have a cute dog.

Well. In some ways then, DADO is bigger on the inside too.

Do you have an IoT challenge that you’re looking for help with? Give us a holler, and ask for Gary.