tomPart 2 of a 2 part series from DADO Labs CEO, Tom Worley. You can read part 1 of the series here.

In part 1, I discussed how the Internet of Things can act as an extension and expansion to a brand’s relationship with their customers. I also talked about some of the unique features about working with DADO, including why brands own their data generated from their products. Let’s start talking about the inside of DADO and how it’s different from other IoT solutions.

Hybrid hardware stack

The main goal when creating a new connected product is to make sure it will work in a wide range of environments; this starts at the hardware level. We want products that stand on their own even without Internet connection in order to maximize a product’s dependability, durability, and safety. We’ve built a hybrid hardware stack that can run independently — with and without the cloud. You’ll find that most solutions are strictly cloud-based, so they don’t have enough processing power at the product level to solve for latency, security, and safety issues that may arise.

Essentially, every product integrated with DADO has a small robot inside with algorithms that are running: making cooking decisions, safety decisions, security decisions, etc. All of these become threads that run inside the DADO module. Even while this robot can make its own decisions, the product can also be manually intercepted on its trajectory (like cooking time and outdoor temperature fluctuations, ), all with an overarching umbrella of safety and security that is enabled by DADO.

Scalable and secure service

We also believe that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to IoT solutions. Every brand (and every product under that brand) has different business goals. This means a brand shouldn’t be forced into a solution that may or may not allow them to reach these goals, but instead, an IoT solution should adjust to fit the brand.

Behmor Connected Brewer with DADO Technology

Here at DADO, we listen first and understand what our brand partners are trying to accomplish. Then we work with our partners to build a roadmap using DADO as a scalable, encrypted, and secure solution from Day 1, and back that up with an elastic cloud service that expands and contracts with the brand’s unique needs.

The IoT has the potential to transform the relationship between a brand and its customers – and to deepen it; to not only bring a new product into the home, but bring the whole brand experience directly to the end user. DADO acts as the transformative element in each brand’s shift into the IoT, all while providing a product that is secure, reliable, and makes lives easier.

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