Now that the dust has cleared, what impact did Hey Big Fish have at SWSXi?

Hey Big Fish Zappar card

At the close of SXSWi, the @HeyBigFish handle had a total of 625 engagements, including replies and retweets. This brings the total potential reach to a total of 1,030,234 users and 2,391,334 potential impressions. Hey Big Fish caught the eye of some key Twitter influencers. Here are a few of our favorites:

We got some love from the press, too!

  • TechCrunch/Anthony Ha: “Kirkpatrick said he hadn’t been planning to launch anything at SXSW this year, because there’s so much going on at the conference, but Waggener Edstrom approached him — which was both flattering and appealing, since the agency can give the project a real promotional push. Plus, Hey Big Fish is a project that doesn’t try to resist how noisy SXSW has become, but is instead useful for that very reason.”

  • Forbes/ TJ McCue: “What can you do to join the conversation if you won’t be there in person? You can still network for business by leveraging social media. Hey Big Fish may have the answer. It is the joint effort of three companies. Influencer discovery platform Little Bird, digital solutions company Tater Tot Designs and multiservice communications agency Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.”

  • PRWeek/Brittaney Kiefer: “In this integrated communications world, our clients are always trying to figure out how to identify the right influencers and conversations,” said Scott McLaughlin, SVP  of corporate communications at Waggener Edstrom. “That gets augmented even more when you go to an event like South by Southwest where a crazy amount of conversations take place.”

  • Sam Whitmore Survey/Sam Whitmore: “If this experiment works, expect to see Hey Big Fish become the de facto way to monitor real-time Twitter buzz at CES, Interop and other major industry events. Now that the dashboard is built, it’s relatively simple to adapt it.”

  • PRNewser/Patrick Coffee: “This web app, called “Hey Big Fish“, is all about helping attendees make sense of all the techie mayhem and the onslaught of mostly irrelevant tweets. With the fish you can identify the biggest influencers at the event and figure out where you need to be–and who you need to know–at any given time. If you’re an egotist (and who isn’t?) then you can also track your own influence.”

  • PSFK/Nestor Bailly: “Want to connect to people in your industry, or just want to know what others are talking about? Good luck navigating Twitter – #SXSW and #SXSWi are extremely crowded conversations. Enter, a site that helps you discover the people and connections that matter most. It tracks the Big Ideas, Big Chatter and Big Fish around SXSWi so you can find what you want to know and won’t get overwhelmed by all the noise.

  • Social Media Today/Andres Urbine: “And for those of you who had the idea of just visiting twitter for updates on the event, we’d like to offer you an even better idea. Hey Big Fish is a web application that helps you sort out SXSW Twitter noise from SXSW Twitter news.”

 Most importantly, we had a blast at SXSWi, and we’re looking forward to more great partnerships to come!