Today marks the beginning of a new era for Tater Tot Designs. For those of you who have followed our journey over the past few years — thank you. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of, what has been, a long time in the making — the DADO platform. You can now call us DADO Labs (new and improved website to come).

What? What? Let us explain. Your everyday home appliances are about to get a lot smarter.

What is the DADO platform? It’s a simple, light-weight and true smart appliance solution, manufactured directly into products (your favorite kitchen appliances, for example), which improves the quality of life and safety of users. Users can quickly and easily connect with enabled appliances through a free mobile app. The app will allow you to interact with and monitor your appliance via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

“The DADO platform provides manufacturers an opportunity to offer a more simplified, and enjoyable experience to their customers – an ever-growing demand in today’s market. We believe product success should be measured by how the product is experienced, rather than the complexity of the technology in the product. As such, the DADO research team focuses its concepts on customer satisfaction, overall experience and safety.” —Tom Worley, DADO Co-Founder and CEO

You’ll soon be able to see DADO in action, as Behmor Inc., a leader in coffee brewing and home roasting technology, will integrate the DADO platform into its products in mid-2015.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor space I immediately recognized DADO Labs’ commitment to bringing a unique solution to appliances. Together we have been able to utilize their innovative technology to bring Behmor’s product vision to life. Behmor products will be even more versatile and fun to use.” —Joseph Behm, Behmor President

For manufacturers, the cost of implementing DADO into new products is minimal. The DADO platform fills a gap in everyday technology, building custom smart appliance solutions into products, rather than retrofitting an existing appliance.

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