At Tater Tot Designs, we think the Internet of Things (Iot) should be for everyone – and every brand.

That’s why we created DADO.  DADO helps brands connect their products to the IoT through a light-weight, subscription based Platform as a Service (PaaS).  Simply put, DADO places IoT technology into products and collects user and usage data, which allows you to manage it through the cloud.

We configure the DADO PaaS for our clients’ brand.  DADO has four main components:

1) Hardware module that collects usage and safety data, in the case of traditional consumer electronics it allows for remote user control

2) Mobile app that allows users to monitor and control their DADO enabled devices

3) Web portal for user and account management, analytics, marketing and advertising

4) Cloud services to collect and manage data and to conect to third parties

We’re working on some interesting projects with leading brands in the consumer electronics space.  Be on the lookout for the first set of DADO-enabled products in early 2015.

How can we help your brand connect to the Internet of Things?