DADO_ConnectedKitchenThe smart home is officially a big deal. So much so, CNET has bought an entire house to turn into a playground for testing and reviewing smart home products. And as we’ve said before, the kitchen will be the most popular room in the house for connected devices.

Maybe that’s because it’s the room with the most activity—and the most mishaps. Here’s a collection of familiar food problems that will soon be laughable, thanks to innovations in the smart kitchen:

  • Say goodbye to: That time you burned your steak so bad, by the time you cut off all the charred bits for your dog, you had enough meat for a mini slider and a $26 bowl of dog food.
  • Say hello to: The grill that you can program to cook your steak exactly how you want it. And if it’s getting too hot? Adjust the temp from your smartphone. You can even clean the grill afterwards with a touch of a button.
  • Say goodbye to: That time you served sludge for coffee to your overnight guests because you weren’t used to brewing more than your usual two cups.
  • Say hello to: Brewing the perfect pot with a programmed water-to-coffee ratio—all from the comfort of your bed. You’ll be able to hit the “brew” button with your smartphone even before you greet your guests with your epic bedhead.
  • Say goodbye to: That time you had to get off the couch five times to check your pizza in the oven, but there was an awesome play that you couldn’t keep your eyes off of so your pizza burned anyway.
  • Say hello to: Perfect pizza, no matter the play. Companies like June are putting cameras in the oven (among other unique innovations) that connect to your smart phone so that you can check on your pizza without leaving the couch.

There’s so much happening in the smart kitchen that Michael Wolf, chief analyst at NextMarket Insights, has created the The Smart Kitchen Summit, a conference devoted to where we’re headed with our food and tech, which happens to center around IoT.

You can also hear more about where technology’s been and where it’s going in the kitchen with the Smart Kitchen Show podcast. You’ll gain insights into how companies like DADO are gearing up for this next era of cooking.