In this blog series, we will highlight some of the products we’ve developed, partly to show off what we can do, and partly to inspire new ideas for future products. IoT has endless applications, and there are some brands that are adopting it now, and doing it well.

We’ve already talked about how awesome Char-Broil’s new smokers are. They’ve become an office staple here at DADO HQ, where we’ve used them to celebrate holidays and invite the city of Portland over for some wings. Here’s a bit more about the Simple Smoker with SmartChef™ Technology, arguably the new smoker for the masses:

What it is

A smoker that connects to your phone through Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor food remotely instead of the traditional “labor of love” that smoked foods require.

Why it’s so cool

  • Check on food whenever, wherever you are, monitoring cook time, meat temp, and chamber temp. You can even receive alerts like, “Your brisket is done!”, eliminating the guesswork in smoking.
  • New to smoking? The SmartChef app includes a library of preprogrammed recipes with cooking tips so you don’t have to be a seasoned expert for delicious ribs.
  • It’s simple (hence, Simple Smoker), yet flexible and versatile, so it’s a great way to enter the world of smokers.


What we did (a short list)

  • Developed app, which is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to get started. Check out this 3-minute video showing you how to set it up:

  • Integrated DADO platform into the smoker, giving it the mobility, flexibility, and reliability that people are already loving. Here’s what one reviewer says:

“It was nice to download the app and receive notifications via my smartphone, letting me know that the meat was almost ready. You simply put your meat on the smoker, tell the app what you are cooking and then you go about your day!”


  • Created presets so you can still get awesome results even if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

The Simple Smoker is part of a line of smokers by Char-Broil, making a technological leap into what will soon become expected by consumers: products that seamlessly merge doing what you want to do and getting things done (deliciously).

Photo credit: Char-Broil