Three Must-Haves For a Secure IoT Platform

There’s a reason today’s consumers are falling in love with connected devices. They’re smart, giving you ways to save time and live better. They make everyday tasks, like preparing dinner and exercising, way more fun. And you can’t deny it—they’re just plain cool. But recently, at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, the Federal Trade Commission warned that the Internet of Things could pose threats to our security. Chairwoman Edith Ramirez made such predications as “smart-home hacking” and the illicit collection of private information. “Any […]

Safety First: Can “Smart” Appliances Reduce Hazards In The Home?

What’s the next big thing in the Internet of Things (IoT)? Connected appliances—think washing machines, refrigerators, and even outdoor grills. The Silicon Valley Business Journal predicts that the IoT market, which could reach $290 billion by 2017, will start in your own home. Imagine the possibilities! Your alarm clock picks up a traffic alert and tells your connected coffee maker to start brewing 10 minutes early, while your clothes dryer gives today’s outfit one last tumble. But when your appliances go on auto-pilot, how do […]

Three Questions OEMs Should Ask Before Capturing IoT Data

In 2015, 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, predicts the networking giant Cisco. And it’s not just smartphones. Everything from our coffee makers to carbon monoxide detectors could be controlled with the swipe of a mobile app. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for consumer products—and for the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that make them. For their part, consumers will love the convenience, as long as products are easy to use and bring tangible benefits to users. But for […]