The Internet of Things (IoT) market could reach $290 billion by 2017—and that could mean big opportunities to improve and grow your product line. But when it comes to smart product design, you’ll need to go beyond hardware. To launch a connected product, you need a hardware module, a mobile app, a web portal, and cloud services that all work together to collect data and communicate with users. You’ll also need to consider whether or not to use an API to connect with other products […]

Disrupting the Marketplace With the Internet of Things

Will you disrupt the market, or will you be disrupted? That’s the question many established companies are asking themselves as smart technologies find their way into more and more products. Being first to market for a new type of product—or a new technology integrated into an existing product line—can help you retain or even grow market share. Take Honeywell, for example. The company invented one of the first thermostats back in 1885. When connected technologies for the home began to surface more than a century […]

Three Ways IoT Helps You Engage With Customers

Get ready to know your customers like never before. The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to change the way you collect information about the people using your products. It’s also going to fundamentally change customer service, revealing more ways to connect and engage. Global CRM provider says that today, customers expect they can talk to companies anytime, anywhere. But IoT will take that a step further. It could mean that customers never have to reach out for service at all. Here are three […]

Three Ways DADO Can Make Products Safer Through IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can make life easier for consumers by connecting their home appliances, wearables, and even utilities to the Internet. But IoT can also make traditional products in the home—like smoke alarms, outdoor grills, and more—even safer. People are more likely to pay a premium for smart home devices that offer safety over novelty, according to a study from Acquity Group. The firm found that 83% of consumers were willing to pay more for a smart alarm, compared to 59% for a […]

IoT In The Kitchen: The Family’s Gathering Place Gets Smart

The modern kitchen is sleek, streamlined, and oh-so central to our lives. It’s the center of gravity at a party and the hub of everyday life. So it’s no wonder that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to hit the kitchen in a big way. In fact, the “smart kitchen” may result in a $10 billion industry by 2020, according to a report from NextMarket Insights. One Forbes columnist has gone on the record saying the smart kitchen may be the biggest opportunity in […]

4 Ways the Internet of Things Is Saving Energy, Water & Money

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we use products and systems at home and work. And by focusing on energy- and water-efficient applications, IoT can also save money and help us reduce our impact on the environment. Some of these technologies are already on the market. Others are waiting to be developed. Here are a few trends we’re watching. Energy-efficient appliances: Higher energy bills and gas prices are driving consumer demand for energy-efficient appliances, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Manufacturers are […]

Beyond Cool: What Do Customers Really Want From IoT?

Sure, smart is cool. But if you’re an OEM with a new IoT-enabled consumer product in the works, you want it to be more than a conversation starter. Once your product loses its out-of-the-box freshness, how will it stay relevant? How will it become a part of your customer’s daily life, and not just another trend? A whopping 30% of consumers already own or plan to buy an in-home connected device in the next two years, according to a report from Acquity Group. This includes […]

Smarter Cookouts With IoT-Enabled Grills

Cookouts have been a hallmark of summer for ages. There couldn’t be a more perfect combination of food, drink, and friends. But if you’re hosting, you know all too well the feeling of being stuck behind the grill while your guests live it up. It’s time to join the party. Barbeques may be timeless, but the technology behind them is not. Over the last few years, manufacturers have been trying to automate the work behind outdoor cooking so the host can spend more time with […]

6 Takeaways From CES and DADO’s Product Launch

DADO Labs just returned from a very successful event at CES 2015. Thank you to all who attended and supported us. We introduced our partners (SABER, Char-Broil and Behmor) and announced the first products that will be launching with the DADO Platform in 2015. Char-Broil CEO Christine Robins and Saul Colt raised insightful and provocative insights about the IoT while Behmor demonstrated its DADO-enabled coffee roaster and brewer, and all attendees got to sample some delicious barbecue from Big Ern’s BBQ, the best barbecue in […]

A Tale of Two Barbecues Infographic — How the Internet of Things Is Making Outdoor Grilling Smarter

Here’s why the next barbecue you go to might feel like something out of The Jetsons. Connected grills let the party host walk away and entertain guests. A smartphone alert tells the host when the food is just right. Want the recipe? No problem. Your gracious host can share it with a few taps. Check out this infographic to compare what you get with old-school grilling to how it’s done with new and improved technology. It’s all powered by DADO Labs and your favorite outdoor […]