There are some crazy cool applications for the Internet of Things that are popping up: the Internet of John Deere. The Internet of Elephants. But the Internet of Retail is way ahead of the game in their IoT investment. According to eMarketer, IoT is going to “drastically change the way companies do business” in the next three years. So what does “drastic” look like? 1. For starters, here’s a fitting room with the new, interactive Oak Mirror: Video credit : ReadWrite 2. Then there’s the […]

According to Parks Associates’ new market research, 17% of consumers are planning to buy a connected kitchen appliance next year. Are you ready? The demand for connected devices is real. As Stuart Sikes from Parks Associates forecasts, “We will see even more experimentation and new use cases emerging from these and other categories in 2016.” In order to avoid turning this into an experimentation about gimmicks, companies will need to incorporate real value into their products. Here are some ideas we think can bring some […]

With the wave of newly connected devices, the industry is already seeing a huge increase in the need for support services. And you’ll win big if you do it right (we heart this scenario of some excellent IoT support!). A top-notch support program will decrease your time spent on issues that arise, reduce overall support costs, and automate support processes. This doesn’t mean it’ll take over human-to-human interaction—it enhances it. Lee Gruenfield at has a great explanation of how costs for support services can […]

DADO is for Everyone

At Tater Tot Designs, we think the Internet of Things (Iot) should be for everyone – and every brand. That’s why we created DADO.  DADO helps brands connect their products to the IoT through a light-weight, subscription based Platform as a Service (PaaS).  Simply put, DADO places IoT technology into products and collects user and usage data, which allows you to manage it through the cloud. We configure the DADO PaaS for our clients’ brand.  DADO has four main components: 1) Hardware module that collects usage […]

How Tater Tot Designs Does Customer Service

A man recently called our office asking where he could buy a FlatLight. When our founder, Tom, suggested he could find it on Amazon, our potential customer replied that he didn’t have a computer. So Tom asked if he would like to come to our office and pick one up. We’re not a retail location, but we made the sale! It’s easy to forget that not everyone has a computer, or access to the internet, but could still benefit from our products. Our new customer […]