According to Parks Associates’ new market research, 17% of consumers are planning to buy a connected kitchen appliance next year. Are you ready?

The demand for connected devices is real. As Stuart Sikes from Parks Associates forecasts, “We will see even more experimentation and new use cases emerging from these and other categories in 2016.” In order to avoid turning this into an experimentation about gimmicks, companies will need to incorporate real value into their products. Here are some ideas we think can bring some depth and usefulness to the IoT market:

  1. Apps are cool, but so is automation: Yes, it’s a novel idea that you can start brewing your cuppa coffee without leaving your warm bed. But what’s even better is having your coffee roaster know what you like and create a pre-configured roasting profile unique to you (kind of like Behmor’s new coffee maker!). Integrating automated services into your product is key because, frankly, users won’t want to be monitoring all fifty of their connected devices from their phone. They want their devices to get to know them and adjust accordingly. IoT is all about enhancing the quality of life, simply.
  2. Customer Service 2.0: Troubleshooting is really going to be a game changer for connected devices. Not only can you make updates and fixes remotely, but you can also program your devices to alert users of scheduled maintenance and possible issues before they become problems. These bonus features will save both you and the consumer time and money.
  3. Real security is key: According to a recent Design News poll, people are skeptical of the IoT trend, stating that it’s gimmicky and full of security concerns. Understandable. Which is why it’s important to incorporate flexible, state-of-the-art security into your device…something you shouldn’t handle on your own. Security standards are changing all the time, so it’ll be important for your product to change along with them, even after they are in the consumer’s home. (You can learn more about how we handle security here.)

IoT is an impending tidal wave that you can’t afford to ignore. (For example, check out how Verizon is boosting their revenue with the IoT.) In order to make the wisest investment, you’ll need to go beyond moving the “on” button from your product to a smart phone. There are a bajillion different ways to amp up your IoT game. Give us a call, and we can brainstorm with you on how your brand can create something really cool.

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