DADO Labs just returned from a very successful event at CES 2015. Thank you to all who attended and supported us. We introduced our partners (SABER, Char-Broil and Behmor) and announced the first products that will be launching with the DADO Platform in 2015. Char-Broil CEO Christine Robins and Saul Colt raised insightful and provocative insights about the IoT while Behmor demonstrated its DADO-enabled coffee roaster and brewer, and all attendees got to sample some delicious barbecue from Big Ern’s BBQ, the best barbecue in Las Vegas. We also announced two of 14 winners who will receive DADO-driven appliance later this year.

Learning is a part of our culture, so we’re always eager to learn how we, and the Internet of Things, are being perceived by others. What we found was that:

  • people are eager to adopt some elements of the IoT into their daily lives, but up until now that’s been a challenge.
  • people know by now that their data is a part of the equation and there is a hesitancy to continue to feed more data to companies that haven’t given any benefits back from the exchange.
  • people want to stick with time-tested brands they already know and love and they want to choose the level of engagement they have with IoT features.
  • people want to experiment with, and participate in, an IoT world, but only if it adds value and is easy to set-up and use.
  • people want “choices” in how they experience the IoT.
  • consumers see the value of DADO’s solution because it’s easy to use and keeps existing brand relationships intact.

From the beginning of the IoT conversation, people have seen the Internet of Things as being a top-down endeavor from big tech companies jockeying to “own the home”. Consumers are pushing back — they’d like to continue to “own their own homes (thank you very much)” and will send data-overlords packing. Existing solutions have been either “hub” based or a DIY solution that has forced consumers to set up and configure a complex, interrelated set of sensors, switches, and timers. Outside of DADO and our partners, finding IoT offerings from brands consumers know and trust are almost non-existent. DADO has brought a new solution to the table — for both OEMs and the consumer.

CES gave us the opportunity to tell our richer story; that DADO is not just another “fly-by-night” knock-off vaporware offering, but a full-fledged Platform as a Service that has been validated by great brand partners (Saber, Char-Broil, and Behmor) that we’re shipping in H1 of 2015. We introduced a consumer-focused approach to transition brands into the IoT and this new functionality into the mainstream consumer experience. We also explained how DADO helps brands stay ahead of disruptors in their segments and helps make their own products a social media marketing amplifier.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be bringing slices of our event to everyone who couldn’t attend in person with videos, updates and commentary. We’re at the beginning of an exciting conversation, which will continue on social media and at trade shows throughout the year, leading up to our first product launches by the end of Q2. In the meantime, we’re working with another group of interested brands to bring DADO’s vision for the IoT to mainstream consumers. Stay tuned — 2015 is off to a great start!