Hey Big Fish, SXSWi is a Wrap!

Now that the dust has cleared, what impact did Hey Big Fish have at SWSXi? At the close of SXSWi, the @HeyBigFish handle had a total of 625 engagements, including replies and retweets. This brings the total potential reach to a total of 1,030,234 users and 2,391,334 potential impressions. Hey Big Fish caught the eye of some key Twitter influencers. Here are a few of our favorites: @adriarichards @littlebird @heybigfish I am #45. — Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) March 8, 2013 Just signed up for @marshallk's […]

SXSWi Isn’t Afraid To Swim With The Sharks

We’re nearing the close of the first, official, big day of SXSW Interactive and our new web app, Hey Big Fish, has taken Austin by storm (a tsunami perhaps?). There are: over 186,000 fish in the pond over 533,000 Tweets in the pond over 2,800 Big Fish That’s a lot of action for one pond! We’ve seen some familiar faces amongst our Big Fish including: Gary Vaynerchuk, a Big Fish in blogging Jared Spool, a Big Fish in UX Kara Swisher, a Big Fish in […]

Hey Big Fish Makes An Early Splash At SXSWi

We’re 24 hours post launch of our newest web app, Hey Big Fish, and it’s caused a feeding frenzy in the digital community (just the kind of frenzy we like) and at SXSW. In partnership with Little Bird and Waggener Edstrom, we’ve created a social data tool that provides value to you during large events by: elevating content that is most important to you identifying the people and topics that matter to you most tracking your own influence Just a few of its tricks: view […]