We’re nearing the close of the first, official, big day of SXSW Interactive and our new web app, Hey Big Fish, has taken Austin by storm (a tsunami perhaps?). There are:

  • over 186,000 fish in the pond
  • over 533,000 Tweets in the pond
  • over 2,800 Big Fish

That’s a lot of action for one pond!

We’ve seen some familiar faces amongst our Big Fish including:

Gary Vaynerchuk, a Big Fish in blogging
Jared Spool, a Big Fish in UX
Kara Swisher, a Big Fish in women in tech
NASA, a Big Fish in..yeah, you guessed it…space

Our team, along with our Hey Big Fish partners Little Bird and Waggener Edstrom, spoke about the new app and SXSW this morning at WaggEd Austin HQ.


And we couldn’t close out the day without giving a quick shout out to the Texas Rollergirls for sporting some fresh Hey Big Fish t-shirt swag. They make us look so good!


Tomorrow is another big day at SXSW for us and Hey Big Fish. Check back to see what conversations and fish are swimming with the sharks!