6 Takeaways From CES and DADO’s Product Launch


DADO Labs just returned from a very successful event at CES 2015. Thank you to all who attended and supported us. We introduced our partners (SABER, Char-Broil and Behmor) and announced the first products that will be launching with the DADO Platform in 2015. Char-Broil CEO Christine Robins and Saul Colt raised insightful and provocative insights about the IoT while Behmor demonstrated its DADO-enabled coffee roaster and brewer, and all attendees got to sample some delicious barbecue from Big Ern’s BBQ, the best barbecue in Las Vegas. We also announced two of 14 winners who will receive DADO-driven appliance later this year.

Learning is a part of our culture, so we’re always eager to learn how we, and the Internet of Things, are being perceived by others. What we found was that:

  • people are eager to adopt some elements of the IoT into their daily lives, but up until now that’s been a challenge.
  • people know by now that their data is a part of the equation and there is a hesitancy to continue to feed more data to companies that haven’t given any benefits back from the exchange.
  • people want to stick with time-tested brands they already know and love and they want to choose the level of engagement they have with IoT features.
  • people want to experiment with, and participate in, an IoT world, but only if it adds value and is easy to set-up and use.
  • people want “choices” in how they experience the IoT.
  • consumers see the value of DADO’s solution because it’s easy to use and keeps existing brand relationships intact.

From the beginning of the IoT conversation, people have seen the Internet of Things as being a top-down endeavor from big tech companies jockeying to “own the home”. Consumers are pushing back — they’d like to continue to “own their own homes (thank you very much)” and will send data-overlords packing. Existing solutions have been either “hub” based or a DIY solution that has forced consumers to set up and configure a complex, interrelated set of sensors, switches, and timers. Outside of DADO and our partners, finding IoT offerings from brands consumers know and trust are almost non-existent. DADO has brought a new solution to the table — for both OEMs and the consumer.

CES gave us the opportunity to tell our richer story; that DADO is not just another “fly-by-night” knock-off vaporware offering, but a full-fledged Platform as a Service that has been validated by great brand partners (Saber, Char-Broil, and Behmor) that we’re shipping in H1 of 2015. We introduced a consumer-focused approach to transition brands into the IoT and this new functionality into the mainstream consumer experience. We also explained how DADO helps brands stay ahead of disruptors in their segments and helps make their own products a social media marketing amplifier.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be bringing slices of our event to everyone who couldn’t attend in person with videos, updates and commentary. We’re at the beginning of an exciting conversation, which will continue on social media and at trade shows throughout the year, leading up to our first product launches by the end of Q2. In the meantime, we’re working with another group of interested brands to bring DADO’s vision for the IoT to mainstream consumers. Stay tuned — 2015 is off to a great start!

SABER, Char-Broil and DADO Make Outdoor Cooking Smarter at CES


Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the DADO team, along with representatives from Char-Broil and SABER Grills, will unveil new grills and smokers powered by the DADO Platform.

SABER’s EDGE grill is a smart, high-performance, contemporary barbecue made of 304 stainless steel. The grill features two burners, an all-infrared cooking system that has a wide temperature range and uses 30% less gas than traditional gas grills, a 340 sq. in. cooking surface, 304 stainless steel grates, and push button electronic ignition at each burner.

Char-Broil’s electric Big Easy Smoker & Roaster is a dual purpose cooker equipped with features to function as both a smoker and a high-temperature roaster.

edgegrill_CBbigeasyThrough both SABER and Char-Broil apps, consumers will be able to monitor cooking functions, receive readiness alerts, access recipes and instructional videos, store recipes and share via social media, and much more.

The DADO Platform is the most robust in the home products industry, and expands beyond simple monitoring capabilities into predictive algorithms to provide consumers with information and functionality that not only supports the cooking process but also adapts to individual preferences based on usage habit. You can expect to see more Char-Broil products made smart by the DADO Platform in later 2015 and beyond.

If it’s not too late, join us at CES, along with Xero Chief Evangelist and guerilla marketing mastermind Saul Colt and Christine Robins, CEO of Char-Broil, for ‘DADO and the Connected Consumer: Keeping It Real’ — an internet of things and smart appliance keynote.

A Tale of Two Grills Infographic — How the Internet of Things Is Making Outdoor Grilling Smarter

Here’s why the next barbecue you go to might feel like something out of The Jetsons.

  • Connected grills let the party host walk away and entertain guests.
  • A smartphone alert tells the host when the food is just right.
  • Want the recipe? No problem. Your gracious host can share it with a few taps.

Check out this infographic to compare what you get with old-school grilling to how it’s done with new and improved technology. It’s all powered by DADO Labs and your favorite outdoor cooking brands.


Safety First: Can “Smart” Appliances Reduce Hazards In The Home?


What’s the next big thing in the Internet of Things (IoT)? Connected appliances—think washing machines, refrigerators, and even outdoor grills.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal predicts that the IoT market, which could reach $290 billion by 2017, will start in your own home. Imagine the possibilities! Your alarm clock picks up a traffic alert and tells your connected coffee maker to start brewing 10 minutes early, while your clothes dryer gives today’s outfit one last tumble.

But when your appliances go on auto-pilot, how do you know they’re working safely? After all, you don’t want your oven to kick into dinner mode while you’re still at the office.

That’s a major concern for the people working behind the scenes to bring smart appliances to the market. Today, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) already have to meet a set of hardware and software safety standards for household appliances. Next-generation functionality brings extra considerations. But smart connections could also give us products that are safer than ever.

The hazards of living

Ever since technology brought ovens, toasters, irons, and other electronics into our homes, we’ve suffered hazards. Cooking causes nearly half of all fires in homes, while appliances alone cause about 1,075 injuries each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

These fires are typically caused by product or material misuse. In other words, it’s often user error at fault. Even the best of us forget to unplug our curling irons before leaving the house. Luckily, OEMs are doing their best to respond.

Can smart appliances improve safety?

Connected appliances need to go above and beyond the standards for traditional products—especially since consumers are already nervous about appliances that work remotely. Of the top safety concerns people have about smart appliances, 42% were worried products might malfunction while they’re away or sleeping, and 18% were concerned about interference from other smart appliances.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is already working with OEMs to identify safe designs especially for smart appliances. The group recommends restricting the remote activation of certain features that could be hazardous. For example, an oven shouldn’t be able to start a self-cleaning function without first requiring the user to physically lock the oven door. UL also says communication circuits must be designed to work with onboard electronics to protect the user from electric shock.

OEMs need a safe IoT platform

For OEMs, turning a traditional appliance into a connected one could translate into big business benefits. But first, they’ll need to make sure those new smart features don’t conflict with the overall safety of the product.

The DADO Platform was designed with user safety in mind. DADO’s entanglement program measures a user’s proximity and activity when a product is in use. Alerts are sent to users if they leave the safety zone or if their mobile is static for a certain amount of time. This way, simply leaving a mobile device nearby isn’t enough to let the product run unsupervised. There’s also a failsafe function that disables the machine, even if the user is entangled, if a product malfunction occurs.

Want to learn more about how DADO is helping OEMs safely step into the next generation of home appliances? Check out DADO Labs for the latest news.

Three Questions OEMs Should Ask Before Capturing IoT Data

datacollection_DADOIn 2015, 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, predicts the networking giant Cisco. And it’s not just smartphones. Everything from our coffee makers to carbon monoxide detectors could be controlled with the swipe of a mobile app.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for consumer products—and for the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that make them. For their part, consumers will love the convenience, as long as products are easy to use and bring tangible benefits to users. But for OEMs, the data captured from connected devices will revolutionize the way business is done. Data can empower better relationships with customers, reveal opportunities to cross-sell, and help OEMs understand how products are actually being used.

Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Before attempting to collect consumer data from IoT-enabled devices, OEMs should first ask three critical questions.

  1. How will you convince customers to share?

Sure, capturing usage data sounds exciting … to OEMs. But how will your customers feel? After all, their habits—like what time they take their first cup of coffee in the morning—might feel very private.

When it comes to wearables (think “smart” watches), four in five consumers say they’re concerned about privacy, according to a survey conducted by Acquity Group, a marketing agency owned by Accenture. Another study from security vendor Fortinet revealed that if connected, in-home devices were secretly collecting information and sharing it with third parties, 62% of consumers would feel angry, even violated.

However, about 40% of consumers are willing to share personal data captured by connected devices—as long as they’re getting a coupon or discounts in return. Compare that to a mere 9% who would share without incentives. So, which kickbacks are they looking for? Think location-based offers for frequently purchased foods or recipe ideas.


For example, Char-Broil and SABER will soon add smart grills to their lineups using DADO Labs’ IoT platform. The gas grill and smoker makers could use data about the frequency of outdoor cooking to trigger coupons from nearby grocery stores. The information could also tell them which customers are more likely to need accessories or upgrade to a newer model a few years down the road.

  1. Who will control your data?

As strange as it sounds, just because an OEM makes a product doesn’t mean it controls the data it collects. That’s because most OEMs need to work with an IoT platform vendor to produce a fully connected device. Everything from the product’s circuit board to the mobile app comes from this vendor—and some of them call dibs on the data.

DADO is the only IoT platform that lets legacy brands control their own data. That means no surprises for OEMs once they need to access those valuable details. Which brings us to …

  1. What will you do with all that information?

So you’ve launched a smart product, and you’ve made customers feel good about sharing their data with you. Now what?

Some OEMs may not have the capabilities to manage the large amounts of data they collect. If this is the case, a dashboard can make analyzing information easier. OEMs that use the DADO Platform get a basic analytics and visualization package as part of their platform as a service (PaaS) subscription. By making insights about how customers are using their connected devices, OEMs can improve targeted offers or product design.

OEMs that are just starting to think about connected devices have many options in IoT platform vendors. DADO Labs offers a single-source OEM integration platform that includes hardware, software, and mobile solutions. Best of all? It makes customer data easy to collect, while offering a great user experience. To learn more, visit DADO Labs.

14 DADO-Driven Products To Be Given Away at CES — Enter To Win


Want to be one of the first to experience DADO-driven smart appliances? We’ll be giving away 14 products throughout CES. Qualifying is simple. Between January 2, 2015 and 12pm PST on January 9th, 2015 you need to:

  • Follow DADO Labs (@DADOlabs) on Twitter.
  • Send a Tweet using @DADOLabs and #CES2015 (both must be included in the same Tweet) by 12pm PST on January 9, 2015.

Two winners will be chosen at random and announced live (between 11:30am and 12pm PST) during our CES event. The 12 remaining winners will be announced via Tweet and the DADO Labs blog on January 12, 2015.

2 DADO/EDGE™ grill by SABER® (retail value $1,999)
3 DADO/Behmor Coffee Roaster (retail value $599)
3 DADO/Behmor Coffee Brewer (retail value $349)
Four (4) additional DADO/Char-Broil products to be named at the show.

Good luck!

One prize per person. Multiple Tweets do not elevate your chances of winning.

DADO-Enabled Appliance Announcement Brewing for CES + Product Giveaway


Remember that thing that happened in Vegas? Probably not. But you will remember this one…that time that DADO rocked CES and the Internet of Things.

Join DADO Labs at our day long ‘DADO and the Connected Consumer: Keeping it REAL’ event at the Inspire Theatre on January 7, 2015 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We’ll be unveiling our first Internet-enabled home appliances built on the DADO Platform through partnerships with Char-Broil, SABER and Behmor including:

  • The EDGE™ grill by SABER® , MSRP $1,999, which will launch in March 2015 at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, and is expected to be available for purchase in April, 2015. An assortment of Char-Broil® products will follow later in the year.
  • The DADO connected Behmor Coffee Roaster, MSRP $599, which will debut in March 2015 at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois, and is expected to be available for sale early Q3 2015.
  • The DADO connected Behmor Coffee Brewer, MSRP $349, which will debut in March 2015 at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois, and is expected to be available for sale early Q3 2015.


President and CEO of Char-Broil, Christine Robins, will deliver the keynote address preceded by Xero Chief Evangelist and guerilla marketing mastermind, Saul Colt.


Want to be one of the first to experience DADO-driven smart appliances? We’ll be giving away 14 products throughout CES. Qualifying is simple. Between January 2, 2015 and 12pm PST on January 9th, 2015 you need to:

  • Follow DADO Labs (@DADOlabs) on Twitter.
  • Send a Tweet using @DADOLabs and #CES2015 (both must be included in the same Tweet) by 12pm PST on January 9, 2015.

Two winners will be chosen at random and announced live (between 11:30am and 12pm PST) during our CES event. The 12 remaining winners will be announced via Tweet and the DADO Labs blog on January 12, 2015.

2 DADO/EDGE™ grill by SABER® (retail value $1,999)
3 DADO/Behmor Coffee Roaster (retail value $599)
3 DADO/Behmor Coffee Brewer (retail value $349)
Four (4) additional DADO/Char-Broil products to be named at the show.

One prize per person. Multiple Tweets do not elevate your chances of winning.



9:00–11:00am: Coffee Roasting and Brew Demo with Behmor Coffee
11:00–11:30am: Opening Remarks — Saul Colt
11:30–12:00pm: Keynote — Christine Robins
12:00pm: Press Conference
1:00pm: Closing Remarks


Inspire Theatre: 107 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89101 (map)


DADO Partners With Char-Broil For Better Outdoor Cooking in 2015


We think everyone should be able to experience the Internet of Things. Now, DADO and Char-Broil is helping make that happen. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Char-Broil, the leading manufacturer of gas grills and smokers in the United States, who will introduce a series of smart products within its Char-Broil and SABER lines in 2015. Our DADO Platform will enable outdoor cooking enthusiasts to easily control connected appliances with our free mobile app that monitors multiple functions during the cooking process via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

“For more than 60 years Char-Broil has been listening to and working with our consumers to create innovative products that deliver the best-available user experience. Today’s connected consumer is looking for products and services that simplify everyday activities. By incorporating DADO’s smart technology into some of our grills, we are making it easier for that busy consumer to customize and enjoy their outdoor cooking experiences.” — Christine Robins, president and CEO of Char-Broil, LLC

“At DADO our goal is to connect consumers with the Internet of Things, offering a simplified and enjoyable experience. Our partnership with Char-Broil further validates the desire amongst mainstream consumer brands to improve the user experience.” — Tom Worley, founder and CEO of DADO Labs

Planning to attend CES in January? Robins will present a keynote address during the ‘Connected Consumer: Keeping it REAL’ event on January 7, 2015 (at 1pm) at the Inspire Theater. We’ll be there, along with Char-Broil, to discuss the value and opportunities of consumer-centric innovation in home/cooking products. Join us!

Tater Tot, DADO Labs & the DADO Platform


Today marks the beginning of a new era for Tater Tot Designs. For those of you who have followed our journey over the past few years — thank you. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of, what has been, a long time in the making — the DADO platform. You can now call us DADO Labs (new and improved website to come).

What? What? Let us explain. Your everyday home appliances are about to get a lot smarter.

What is the DADO platform? It’s a simple, light-weight and true smart appliance solution, manufactured directly into products (your favorite kitchen appliances, for example), which improves the quality of life and safety of users. Users can quickly and easily connect with enabled appliances through a free mobile app. The app will allow you to interact with and monitor your appliance via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

“The DADO platform provides manufacturers an opportunity to offer a more simplified, and enjoyable experience to their customers – an ever-growing demand in today’s market. We believe product success should be measured by how the product is experienced, rather than the complexity of the technology in the product. As such, the DADO research team focuses its concepts on customer satisfaction, overall experience and safety.” —Tom Worley, DADO Co-Founder and CEO

You’ll soon be able to see DADO in action, as Behmor Inc., a leader in coffee brewing and home roasting technology, will integrate the DADO platform into its products in mid-2015.

“With more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor space I immediately recognized DADO Labs’ commitment to bringing a unique solution to appliances. Together we have been able to utilize their innovative technology to bring Behmor’s product vision to life. Behmor products will be even more versatile and fun to use.” —Joseph Behm, Behmor President

For manufacturers, the cost of implementing DADO into new products is minimal. The DADO platform fills a gap in everyday technology, building custom smart appliance solutions into products, rather than retrofitting an existing appliance.

Follow us on LinkedInTwitter, Google+ and signup for news and updates to stay on top of all things DADO and learn about how our passion to further connect you to your ‘things’ will make your life easier, safer and more efficient.

A Word From the Intern


My name is Claire Tannler, I am a senior at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and Communication. I am an aspiring public relations specialist and am currently at Tater Tot Designs as a PR and social media marketing intern.

As a 21 year old, I have been raised in a time where technology was (and still is) growing at a rapid pace. I am part of the millennial generation and most of us go about our everyday lives using ‘Internet of Things’ products without even realizing it. Initially we used feature phones in middle school that could make calls, send texts and maybe have a game or two. Now we rely on our smart phones for just about everything, yet we rarely appreciate or even think about what goes into the creation of our beloved devices. This goes along with a variety of other everyday technologies we use without thinking about: Bluetooth, push to start cars, wearables, wireless anything and the list goes on.

While interning at Tater Tot Designs, I have begun to understand the strenuous work, tedious planning and challenging design that goes into creating and producing technology that most of us couldn’t explain if we tried. I have come to the realization that the ‘Internet of Things’ is our future. Eventually everything is going to be connected in some way. On a daily basis I see a variety of investors interested in applying DADO in their products, “things” I had no clue were capable of being “smart” or connected to the Internet. It is crazy to see how far the industry has come over the past 10 years. I’m excited and curious, yet now more aware, as to where we are going to be in the next 10 years.